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Culture of Wellness in Preschools (COWP) is a comprehensive and collaborative early childhood obesity prevention program, which aims to promote a “culture of wellness” in preschool settings by increasing fruit and vegetable consumption and physical activity levels. This is accomplished by bringing the following to preschool sites throughout Colorado: 1) classroom-based nutrition education; 2) a preschool physical activity professional development program; 3) parent wellness workshop series; 4) a staff workplace wellness program; and 5) a strategic planning process to make center environment and policy changes that focus on increasing healthy eating and physical activity levels.  All program components are evidence-based or promising practices.

A unique aspect of COWP is that it focuses not only on the preschool children, but also on the children’s teachers and parents because it recognizes the importance of these individuals as role models and decision-makers in the lives of the children. COWP is one of the Rocky Mountain Prevention Research Center’s projects.

Our Philosphy

We believe that health-promoting behavior change can be made easier with two key features:

  • Direct programming that meets individuals where they are and respects their cultures and current life situations.

  • Supportive physical and social environments that promote healthy eating and physical activity opportunities.

Our program is designed to support families’ motivation and to reduce barriers to making health-promoting changes.

Our Values

  1. A healthy diet contains a variety of foods so the overall diet is high in fruits and vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy and moderate in high fat, high sugar and high salt foods.
  2. Planning meals and snacks improves the quality and variety of foods offered.
  3. Eating together as a family teaches good eating habits that last a lifetime.
  4. Families can eat healthy on a budget.
  5. Adults are responsible for planning healthy meals and snacks for children.
  6. The foods adults eat have a strong influence on the foods their children eat.
  1. Lifelong physical activity has a positive impact on our health.
  2. Physical activity helps control stress, weight and prevents disease.
  3. Staying active as a family is fun, easy, and cool.
  4. Aim to be physically active every day.
  5. Limiting TV watching and computer games helps children have time for active play.
  6. Parents set an example for children with their own exercise and family activities.
  7. We support the 5, 2, 1 Almost None campaign: 5 or more servings of fruits and vegetables a day, less than 2 hours of screen time a day, 1 hour of physical activity a day, almost no sweetened beverages in children’s diets

Service Portfolio

Students, parents & teachers reached
Low-income preschools & ECE centers served
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