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Parent Wellness Workshop

Our Parent Wellness Workshops are aimed at promoting healthy lifestyle changes to all caregivers who have influence in the daily life of preschool-aged children. Our parent workshops are intentionally designed to be: engaging, interactive, fun and educational for adults. Evidenced-based and field-tested, our workshop series is designed to support families and reduce barriers to change. Parents are recruited and taught by trained, bilingual (English, Spanish) facilitators.

There are 6 hours of workshop content which cover: physical activity and screen time, helping children be good eaters, family meals and eating together, better beverages, eating fruits and vegetables, and celebrating family health.


Our Curriculum

“It [the Parent Wellness Workshop] has helped remind me about the importance of reading/comparing nutritional values, how much sugar and fat can be used in food and how to go about choosing a healthier version of the same food we love to eat.”

Anonymous Parent

“It [the Parent Wellness Workshop] has affected and impacted my life tremendously because I learned many things that I was doing and that were affecting my kids and my weight. We eat a lot of saturated fats, rarely ate any vegetables and now we are all losing weight.”

Anonymous Parent
Our Curriculum



Of parents are better at choosing the right amount of food to eat


Of parents know more about which kinds of beverages their families should be drinking


of parents encourage their children to eat fruits and vegetables after completion of the Parent Wellness Workshop


Of parents set an individual or family health goal as a result of the Parent Wellness Workshop


Of parents who set an individual or family health goal made progress on their goal(s)

Parent Wellness Workshop

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Our Parent Wellness Workshop will improve the health of you and your family!

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