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Physical Activity

Our physical activity program focuses on increasing opportunities for physical activity and teacher-led activities in the early care and education environments. We support educators in using their existing abilities, while developing new skills and strategies to increase the quality and quantity of structured physical activity. Titled Lead. Learn. Play., our program increases Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity (MVPA) by teaching teachers to be intentional about leading structured physical activities on the playground and in the classroom.  Additionally, it provides children with portable play equipment and music opportunities, which we know lead to increased physical activity.

Developmentally appropriate and grounded in performance standards, our program is easily integrated into pre-existing curricula and routines.




Of teachers believe their preschool children are more active at school


Of teachers encourage their preschool children to be more active at school

“I Love the Music [and movement] selected for this program. Children love moving and dancing”
Teacher, Denver Public Schools
“It [the program] is very organized and well planned–the children were engaged”
Teacher, Jefferson County Early Childhood Education
“The coaches are very informative and very helpful with different techniques on how to do certain activities”
Director, Early Childhood Education Center

Physical Activity

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