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This year the Culture of Wellness in Preschools Program (COWP) in partnership with the Integrated Nutrition Education Program (INEP)  is bringing to your school a nutrition and physical activity text-messaging program, called Text2LiveHealthy (T2LH). The goal of T2LH is to provide parents of preschool and elementary school aged children, teachers, and staff with resources and helpful tips to keep their families engaged in a healthy lifestyle. The program is aligned with COWP and INEP direct education-school based programming and it is provided at no cost to the participants. 

Families who sign up for T2LH will receive 2-3 text messages every week with creative recipes, tips to eat more fruits and vegetables, ideas to stay physically active as a family, and information about health events happening close to their preschool/school.

Welcome to Text2LiveHealthy

T2LH: Welcome to Text2LiveHealthy (T2LH)! You signed up to receive text messages through your child’s school. We will send you 2-3 mgs/week with fun tips to keep your family healthy!

  • Receive creative recipes to cook at home with your family

  • Learn and explore fun ideas to stay physically active with your children

  • Keep your family engaged in a healthy lifestyle with weekly wellness tips

  • Get connected with wellness events in your school and community

Text2LiveHealthy Active Subscribers


“What helped me the most is planning and buying fresh fruits and vegetables in smaller [quantities]. Not a whole lot that will go to waste and buying the fruits that’s in season.”

- T2LH Subscriber

“I’ve been doing water with strawberries, raspberries, and lemon without sugar. My kids love it.”

- T2LH Subscriber

“We are planning on going to the park after church for a picnic & play. I got a plastic baseball & bat & frisbee 🙂 Thank you, I am loving the messages.”

- T2LH Subscriber

“I love all of your text messages, I write them down too in my journal & they all have been helpful for me & my family too, thank you.”

- T2LH Subscriber


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